Gerald W.

My wife and I both work out of our home and needed to have a fast, reliable computer network. Notto was able to quickly set up our offices and to provide the best solutions for our work situations.


Found our last computer guy! Our office is a boutique real estate company that lives by computers. We inadvertently acquired a virus that shut down the principle computer in our office. Previous repair incidents required transporting our computer to a shop for 2-3 days of waiting time before they could get to ours. Notto arrived at our office and was diagnosing the problem immediately. The virus was deeply embedded in the system and Notto had to take the computer overnight for specialized diagnostics with his equipment. He returned it the next day in excellent working condition. All the while he also multi tasked throughout the day by analyzing and cleaning up all of the computers in our network, including agents laptops. All of this intense work for the same price we paid another computer repair shop to work on one computer. And he answered any questions we had in a straight forward easy to understand way. We’ll never need to worry about our IT problems again. It’s Notto or nothing.Super Realty Group

Robin W.

Wow! This guy is thorough. He doesn’t quit until the problem is solved. Our computer is a vital part of our small business, so we don’t have time to mess around when something goes wrong. Technology Butler is on it! Thank you, Notto, for keeping our computers in excellent working order. We consider you part of our regular maintenance team.

Jack S.

Technology Butler gets it done right! I have used Technology Butler for years to support our desktop and laptop computers. Whether we purchased a new computer and it required cleaning out the bloat ware and launching new software or we needed to ask questions about a current technology problem, the Butler was readily available, and responded promptly with answers or a visit to help solve the problem. The cost of service was affordable, and always reasonably priced. i have recommended this service to many others and will continue to do so in the future.


Amazing! Notto, once again you have done it!Thanks for always being there when I need your assistance on my computer!

Margaret W.

Like a good auto mechanic, you also need a good, reliable computer guy. I am lucky, lucky, lucky to have found this company. To take the stress out of your computer life, I recommend Technology Butler. Thanks Notto!!!


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