Computer Tutoring

Computer Tutoring

Feel like your behind the times? or out of touch?

Technology Butler Specializes in helping seniors get online and learn the computer skills they may have missed out on until now.  We offer guilt-free, step by step, personalized coaching to help you make sense of the wide world of technology, and help it work for you, instead of against you.  Call us and become a member of the ever growing  group of “Silver Surfers” taking the world of technology and the internet by storm.

Computer Tutoring Services

  • Internet navigation
  • Tablet Set up and training
  • E-mail set-up and training
  • Photo sharing and management
  • Audio sharing and management
  • Video viewing (You tube, DVD, Online video Sources)
  • Social media set up and training (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • File management training
  • General software assistance (Word Document training, Excel Training)


If you need Computer coaching, computer guidance or tutoring, I am your local senior computer guide.  I customize and tailor your training to you and work at your comfort level.  Please call for more information.


Call us. We can help! (503) 515-6578


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