Computer Repair

Computer Repair


Technology Butler offers computer repair services in Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton OR and surrounding areas.  If you are having problems with your computer or laptop, we can help. Our customers come to us for everything having to do with computers including hardware, software, virus and malware cleanup, slow computers and parts replacement.  We also offer computer operating system setup assistance.  Let us set up a wireless network or new VOIP phone service for you as well.


  • iPad and iPhone Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Printer Setup
  • Wireless Connections
  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal
  • Computer Tutoring (great for seniors)
  • Diagnose and fix slow computers
  • Fix computers shutting down or not starting up at all
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • General Computer Security
  • Internet Connections and Troubleshooting
  • Windows Password Recovery
  • Overheating Issues
  • Hardware and Software Installations and Upgrades
  • Printer Troubleshooting
  • Remote Support (online diagnosis and repair)
  • General Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Call us. We can help! (503) 515-6578


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