Technology problems keeping you down?


When it comes to virus removal, speeding up slow computers, wireless network set up and troubleshooting or even installing a new hard drive in your current computer, Technology Butler is here to help simplify the complex world of computers so you can enjoy them again!

Computer Tutoring and Training


If you are just breaking into the world of technology and are unsure how it all works. We can help. If you need to learn computer skills or want your Ipad connected to your email accounts or social media networks. We can do that too. Call Us We can help!

Tired? Frustrated? Want to give up?

You need a Technology Butler!


Ever felt like your computer is holding you hostage? Technology is great, but unfortunately along with its wonderful advantages, there are bumps in the road that can really throw you off coarse. Life, like technology, keeps a rapid pace, so downtime is very frustrating. We all love to be served and have the job done right, and no one likes being talked down to. That’s why Technology Butler is the solution to your frustrations. Please call us if you need computer repair, virus removal, network setup, personalized tutoring or coaching or just think your computer is too slow. We offer on-site Computer Repair Services in the Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Tigard, Wilsonville, OR and surrounding areas. We also offer remote help if you are at a distance.

Client Testimonial


Technology Butler helped us get our computer running fast again. We had viruses that we didn’t know about that were causing problems. So instead of having to buy a new computer like we were going to, we left our computer with Notto and for much less than we would have paid for a new computer ours works like new again. Thanks Notto. – C. Davidson

Computer Repair in Portland OR


Technology Butler is a complete computer repair service in the Portland area. Providing computer repair in Lake Oswego, Portland, Tigard, Beaverton or Wilsonville, OR. If you need hard drive replacement, memory upgrades, video card upgrades or even laptop screen repairs. If you need Virus or Malware removal or just software upgrades Call Technology Butler now.



Technology Butler Specializes in helping seniors get online and learn the computer skills they may have missed out on until now. We offer guilt-free, step by step, personalized coaching to help you make sense of the wide world of technology, and help it work for you, instead of against you. Call us and become a member of the ever growing group of “Silver Surfers” taking the world of technology and the internet by storm.

Remote Service


If you are at a distance or don’t have time to drop off your computer you can simply have most of your software and computer speed problems solved remotely. All you need to do is give us temporary access to you computer via the internet and we can log in and resolve you problems while you do something else.



There is nothing worse than trying to use the technology in your office or home just to realize that there is a malfunction in the system. We can help make sure your wired or wireless network is set up and working correctly so that each computer is connected to the internet, printers, routers or any other peripherals you might have. Call now for a free estimate.


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